The horse – a prized and essential animal for humans throughout the ages, both as a living creature and as a symbol. When Christianity was introduced in Sweden, the church tried to erase any trace reminiscent of the preceding pagan faith, including the symbol of the horse. However, in the northern parts of the province of Dalarna, the horse remained sacred. A faithful friend and workmate in agriculture, forestry and later, in the mines. In honour of their trusted companion, the men of Dalarna whittled small horses in wood, the forerunners of the Dala horse we know and love today.

The Dala horse is a strong cultural symbol for Sweden, with its traditional red colour and hand-painted kurbits decoration. This is our interpretation and tribute to the horse.

MADE IN SWEDEN - Celebrating Swedish cultural heritage
Sweden is a country with a history rich in handicrafts and traditions. These represent our heritage and our roots. With the collection Made in Sweden, we pay tribute to these national treasures and shed light on their history and the beauty we see in them.

Format: 50x70 cm, 20x28″

Please note that the frame is not included. Read more about our eco-friendly paper and production.