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All of Us

All of Us

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All of Us - a celebration to our differences and a symbol for unity.

In a world of unwritten rules and norms we tend to forget the diversity that makes us human. Our new print All of Us, is more than just a piece of art. It is a reminder of a unity in which we are all unique and of equal worth.

Norms often control our lives in ways that we are completely unaware of. They are often the reason behind social exclusion when people don't fit the expected pattern. But what kind of pattern is it really? The print All of Us challenges these norms and the effect they have on our lives. It is not about being more tolerant, it is all about changing the norm itself.

This artwork is a reminder to us all, instead of trying to squeeze more people into a frame of existing norms and patterns - make the frame larger so that there is room for everyone. All of Us is a celebration to all our differences and and a symbol for unity. Let us all address the issue and make sure we recognize the norms that are the reason for social exclusion. Make sure we break them and create a new frame where all our differences make us strong.

Let this be the message in every home, at every workplace. Let us create a world where every individual is acknowledged, appreciated and included - a place for all - for All of Us.


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 Eco-friendly premium paper

Creating an environmentally friendly and premium product was an obvious choice for us from the start. Kunskapstavlan® is therefore produced on eco friendly matte premium paper that is age-resistant and certified with the EU Ecolabel and the FSC forest management certification. All the prints are signed with our hand-embossed seal making each one unique. Manufacturing is located in Sweden at a Nordic Swan Ecolabel printing company.

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Why we do what we do

We are in business to make a change. Through design we make knowledge available and closer to you, keeping the two of you connected in your everyday life. Translated from Swedish, Kunskapstavlan® literally means ‘knowledge art’, which in itself is the essence of what we do. We create design with a purpose. No matter which product, there is a wish for a change for the better, whether it’s in the little things or the larger context. And in the end, perhaps we contribute to make the world a little bit better. One print at the time...