Calendar 2021 Calendar 2021

Calendar 2021

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Dinosaurs - Kunskapstavlan Dinosaurs - Kunskapstavlan


From €38
Colours - Kunskapstavlan Colours - Kunskapstavlan


From €38
In the jungle In the Jungle - Kunskapstavlan

In the jungle

From €38
In the woods In the woods - Kunskapstavlan

In the woods

From €38
on the savannah - poster kunskapstavlan On the savannah - poster kunskapstavlan

On the savannah

From €38
At the farm kunskapstavlan poster At the farm kunskapstavlan poster

At the farm

From €38
On the way - Kunskapstavlan On the way

On the way

From €38
The alphabet The alphabet

The alphabet

From €38
In the air In the air

In the air

From €38
Multiplication - Kunskapstavlan Multiplication - Kunskapstavlan


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Heavy Machinery - Kunskapstavlan Heavy Machinery - Kunskapstavlan

Heavy machinery

From €38

Prints & Posters for the Children's Room

Personalise your child's bedroom or nursery with one of our original kids posters and prints. Whether you're looking for something for the nursery, a room for older kids, or something that will suit the rest of your home, you're sure to find delight in one of our prints and posters for the children's room. Perhaps an elegant design with your child’s initial in muted tones, a print of an irresistably cute animal or the world of ice-cream? Or why not an educational print of the alphabet or one that shows the beauty of multiplication? Use your imagination!

Scandinavian Wall Art and Posters for the Kids

For a pure treat, combine the cosiness and muted tones with the clean lines of our Scandinavian wall art and kids posters. These kid's posters and prints are one of the easiest ways to decorate or revitalise your child’s room, and also make perfect gift for birthdays, baby showers, christenings and other special occasions. Our posters are printed on environmentally friendly uncoated paper for a high-quality matte look, and are perfect for framing in our wood frames. It's quick and easy to buy our Scandinavian wall art for your child’s room online.