We are Kunskapstavlan®. Translated from Swedish, it literally means ‘knowledge art’, which is exactly what we offer. Our vision is to convey information through design, creating sustainable interior décor you can benefit from. We impart knowledge by packaging it in classic Scandinavian designs – and making it part of your everyday life.

In 2016 we, Jennie B Lindfors and Agneta Norlin, started our journey and realised we both had the same needs. It all started, as most things do, in the throes of first-time motherhood. We had attended a first aid course for parents, but the challenge was remembering this important and potentially life-saving information. Our top seller in Sweden was born; artwork that displayed information about infant CPR and what to do.


Since then, various other collections have followed, each with knowledge as the common denominator: The kitchen Guide, Household tips, Washing symbols, Herbs, The solar system, Zodiac signs to name a few. We believe that great art isn’t simply to be observed, it should encourage you to reflect, learn and live in the present.

All prints are exclusive to Kunskapstavlan® and made from environmentally friendly materials. Each one is signed with the Kunskapstavlan® hand-embossed seal, making it unique Learn more..