Sju sorters blommor - Seven flowers

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Our tribute to the Swedish Midsummer!

From being an ancient agricultural celebration, Midsummer is today a Swedish national holiday, celebrated on the weekend closest to Midsummer's day on June 24th.

Midsummer's night was originally believed to be a magical night during which natures powerful forces were at play and supernatural sprits awakened. This magical setting made Midsummer's night ideal for fortune telling. One famous ritual, that is still practiced today, is the picking of seven different flowers. Young, unmarried women picked a bouquet of seven different flowers and placed them under their pillow and the Midsummer's night's dreams foretold whom they were going to marry. The picking of flowers needed to be done in solitude, observing total silence. Should the silence be broken, so was the magical spell.

To honor this old mythical ritual we now launch our print Seven flowers. The print illustrates seven flowers commonly found on meadows around Sweden. With this handpainted bouquet of flowers on the wall you will have the feel of summer all year round.


MADE IN SWEDEN Celebrating Swedish cultural heritage

Sweden is a country with a history rich in handicrafts and traditions. These represent our heritage and our roots. With the collection Made in Sweden, we pay tribute to these national treasures and shed light on their history and the beauty we see in them.

Please note that the frame is not included. Read more about our eco-friendly paper and production here.