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In the 1770s, famine took hold in parts of Sweden due to severe crop failure and Dalarna was one of the provinces that suffered the most. The reigning king, Gustav III, encouraged his subjects in Dalarna to seek new forms of income beyond traditional farming and forestry. So the classic Dala painting was born, with kurbits soon becoming a focal point of paintings and decorations.

It is said that the inspiration for kurbits came from beautifully painted Dutch flower decorations on kitchen tiles, which workers from Dalarna encountered when working in well-to-do homes in the Mälardalen region.

MADE IN SWEDEN - Celebrating Swedish cultural heritage
Sweden is a country with a history rich in handicrafts and traditions. These represent our heritage and our roots. With the collection Made in Sweden, we pay tribute to these national treasures and shed light on their history and the beauty we see in them.

Format: 40x50 cm, 16x20″

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