Falu Rödfärg


The history of Falu red begins in the 16th century when reigning king of Sweden, Johan III, decided that he wanted the roof of his castle to be gilded with copper, just like the grand castles of continental Europe. However, this proved to be too expensive for the king. As an alternative, the roof was painted in a red pigment in an effort to make it look like copper. The paint for this pigment was taken from the copper mines of Falun. By the mid-19th century Falu red had become more affordable and accessible to all classes. Red painted cottages thus became a common sight across the Swedish countryside. Today Falu red represents Swedish cultural history preserved as a colour pigment in a jar.

MADE IN SWEDEN - Celebrating Swedish cultural heritage
Sweden is a country with a history rich in handicrafts and traditions. These represent our heritage and our roots. With the collection Made in Sweden, we pay tribute to these national treasures and shed light on their history and the beauty we see in them.

Format: 40x50 cm, 16x20″

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