This collection consists of two prints that illustrate the fantastic handicraft called dalsömmar.

Rich in decorations and intricate stitchery, our Swedish folk costumes boast a long tradition. The women who embroidered and weaved these costumes were creative and resourceful, developing different techniques to differentiate one parish from the next. This allows us to determine the origins of a specific folk costume by looking at its embroidery. The different embroidery patterns were often given names based on the parish they came from and where they were most commonly used.

MADE IN SWEDEN - Celebrating Swedish cultural heritage
Sweden is a country with a history rich in handicrafts and traditions. These represent our heritage and our roots. With the collection Made in Sweden, we pay tribute to these national treasures and shed light on their history and the beauty we see in them.

Format: 30x40 cm, 12x16″ each. Sold as a pair.

Please note that the frame is not included. Read more about our eco-friendly paper and production.