The Story Behind: Be a Good Friend

The Story Behind: Be a Good Friend

Friends is a non profit children’s rights organization fighting for a world were no bullying exists. A world where every child is loved and respected. A world where children grow up with self-compassion instead of self-hatred, where no child goes to sleep feeling sad, wake up with anxiety or leaves home with a stomach ache. Friends goal is to make the world a safe place for all children, making it free from bullying and discrimination. 

Friends is an organization close to our heart and the team at Kunskapstavlan® felt that a collaboration for such a good cause was something we just had to do and the result of that is our lovely collection Be a Good Friend. This collection is meant to inspire to important talks between children and adults, be there as a constant reminder of the little things that make a huge difference and show the way on how to be a good friend.  

First out in our collaboration with Friends was the sweet illustration Be a Good Friend with its lovely drawings of animals showing how to act in different situations, reminding the viewer of the importance of a smile, a hello or an apology to someone and to comfort the one who is sad. We are immensely proud of this lovely artwork and are so happy to see it hanging on the walls in so many Swedish children´s rooms. Now also being translated into a number of different languages, it’s a true joy seeing it spread over the world. 


As our collaboration with Friends has evolved, the collection has grown from one to three illustrations. Today you also find the Friend Diploma, stating that the owner of the diploma is in fact a good friend, and also the illustration I Am which is filled with affirmations describing the characteristics that make a good friend. 

We hope that our illustrations will keep inspiring all good friends out there!

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