An Unforgettable Conversation with Kajsa - Melker's Mother

An Unforgettable Conversation with Kajsa - Melker's Mother

Some conversations leave eternal imprints. The conversation with Kajsa, Melker's mother, was one such encounter. 

Kajsa's son, Melker, was born with dysmelia. Dysmelia refers to being born with a different shape or absence of a smaller or larger part of the arm, hand, leg, or foot. In Melker's case, it was his arm.

Growing up outside the norm can present challenges. Kajsa believes that, for Melker, it is often the surroundings that tend to see obstacles and difficulties. Melker himself possesses an unwavering determination and a strong spirit.

"We always try to encourage and support him to accomplish everything as well as anyone else, and he finds his own way of doing things. At home, we sometimes use only one arm to demonstrate that it's possible and that Melker is capable of doing the same things, but in his own way," says Kajsa.

"At home, we always explain that everyone is equally valuable, regardless of who they are, how they look, or where they come from. It's important to us that everyone is allowed to be different and that everyone is treated with dignity," Kajsa shares.

Kajsa believes that it's incredibly important to normalize differences and to show that each individual is unique, both on the outside and inside. She compares it to the idea that people having different skin colors is something normal and that the same should apply to functional variations or other differences. 

"We should showcase more people with differences in movies, advertisements, campaigns, and describe them in books. We should talk about it on the radio, on TV, in workplaces, and in schools - yes, everywhere! I hope that one day society will accept and include EVERYONE as they are," concludes Kajsa.

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