Nursery Animal Prints & Posters

Looking to bring more colour and simple yet exquisite design into your home? Our nursery animal prints and posters make the perfect choice. Choose from a specific animal or animals from a certain environment gathered together on a single print. If you’re a lover of big animals, why not hang a moose on your wall, or a cat if you love cats? Our children's prints and posters are wonderful to combine together, so check out the different categories we offer to find what’s right for you. And even if you’re not a kid yourself, children’s animal prints and posters from Kunskapstavlan® can make a nice addition to other rooms in your home or workspace.

Why animal posters for the children's room?

Want to teach your children which animals live on the savannah or in the jungle? We offer nursery posters with several different types of animals – wild animals and animals from the farm. Choose a solo motif of your child’s favourite animal, or one for the dinosaur-lover and learn the names of them together. Animal posters also make an instructive way to get new knowledge. Combine with one of our other nursery animal prints and create a happy, colourful picture wall for your children’s room.